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We will sell your cosmetics in Japan.

As we have had many sales contacts, we can find out one of best ones who would be able to sell your products most.

Having got the permission to sell cosmetics issued by Japanese Government, we can handle the whole operation from import agent to marketing.

We have had a lot of successful achievement in selling cosmetics in Japan.

If you have had the cosmetics that “we have had a confidence in our products, but they are not familiar in Japan”, you can feel free to contact us.

There would be a case Japanese people would have more interest to the products that they don’t know.

If you’d send me a sample product, we’ll forward its information through the list of sales contacts across the country.

The marketing route is important to sell cosmetics in Japan.

No matter how attractive cosmetics are, you cannot sell them without the marketing route. Why not challenge marketing in Japan if you realize the limitations to sell in your domestic market. With the minimal risk, what just you would be requested to do are to provide us with the information about such as the company profile and features of the cosmetics together with the price and to send us the samples.

Once received, we’ll make contact with the companies who would have an interest in selling the products, then will inform you how many we want to need.

Now, you’ve got to know our company, next step is to take action.

Success will go with action.

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